We know prayer is the key to knowing God’s will for our church. We take seriously praying for each other, our community, and our world.

Worship Prayer Ministry: This lay ministry is dedicated to praying for our Church, pastors and staff each week and during each Sunday service. We begin the week by contacting our pastors for specific prayer needs and begin praying daily. On Sunday, we meet prior to the Sunday service and deliver a brief spoken prayer with the worship team and choir, and then remain in a quiet area and pray privately during the service. Rotating schedule; you will serve approximately once a quarter.

Prayer Box Ministry: You will maintain a single prayer box placed in a local public area or business. The box will be checked once weekly and prayer requests retrieved. The individual will pray for the requests and assimilate them and deliver them to the Church for prayer by the pastors and laity. A hand written “love letter from God” will be sent from Northside to each person requesting contact. Contact Jim Russell, Marsha Gaskill, Debbie Ferguson, Kathy Butts, Janet Guy, Karen Ashley or Linda Kelly for more information.