Northside Update 10/14/20

Northside Update 10/14/20

Dear Northside Family,

I hope you are all doing well as we head into the heart of this Fall Season!  October is half over and I can almost hear Christmas songs in the distance!

I want to keep you updated about how we are moving forward with things on campus.

Our Pastors and Board of Servant Directors have unanimously agreed that we begin having small group meetings. Children and youth have begun meetings.  Some Sunday School classes are meeting on campus and others are still meeting by zoom.  Our worship services are growing in attendance here on campus as well.  We still have good room to grow and keep social distance.  I am amazed at how God has helped us navigate all of this.

I want to remind you that we will continue to practice social distance and have hand sanitizers all around the building.  Masks have never been required, but are encouraged when social distancing cannot be maintained.  I choose to wear a mask at this time because I want to do all I can to protect those I come in contact with.  That has been what God has put on my heart and I have learned to obey that voice.  Please pray as you make those personal decisions and then love and respect everyone and their decisions as we walk through this time together.  If you are at high risk, know that we understand that you must take extra precautions because of this virus.

We are looking into the process of starting our nursery and other activities and will let you know about that as we have information.

We are working on safe ways to care for the men of Room in the Inn and will have more info on that soon.

Please be patient.  As you might guess, I have people on each end of the spectrum urging me to do more or to do less.  Thankfully, we have a group of dedicated, Christ-loving Board members  and pastors who pray and study, and help make these important decisions.  We have done the best we can with all the information (often conflicting information) around covid.  Our bottom line has been serving Christ and caring for our people.  Thank you all for being so good to work with us.  We are getting there!

We will continue to live stream our 9am and 11am services as well as Wednesday evening, which we had already been doing for a long time.

I urge you to take heart and keep your eyes on Jesus.  This is a great time to read the Gospels over and over.  Catch the heart of Jesus for a hurting world and be determined to live and love like he did and does.  He has this and he has us!  His are good hands to have holding us.  Praise Him for his amazing grace and love!