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We believe very strongly in small group ministries!

Our small group ministries include our Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, share groups, support groups, various short-term studies, men’s ministries, our women’s ministry, youth and children’s ministries, sanctuary choir, youth and children’s choirs, bell choirs, and many, many more.

At the Information Desk outside our Sanctuary and outside Hope Hall there are numerous brochures on the various ministries of the church. Also – you are encouraged to call the church office for more information.

After joining Northside, new members receive a packet of information from Daphne Moses. In this packet is a Ministry Opportunity Sheet that new members are encouraged to fill out and give to Daphne. Daphne will work closely with you to help you discern where God is calling you to be in ministry. Email Daphne at with any questions you might have.

About our Sunday School!

Sharing the love of God and making disciples who follow Jesus Christ — that’s the purpose statement for Northside, and as a church, we believe one of the best ways to make disciples is to train them in God’s Word. We aim to follow this mission throughout each week — Sunday until Saturday. From every infant to each and every older adult, all people that come to Northside are encouraged to find out what God has in store for their lives. One of the most important ways to do that is to study the Word of God: The Bible. There are a wide variety of classes for adults and a class for every child’s age group.

Sunday School is offered from 10:00 – 10:45

Room: 300
Leader: Denny Dix
Age: Adults of all ages

Our focus is learning how to live our daily lives through study of the Bible, inspirational books, and video presentations.

Leaders: Becca Sage, Chuck Jones, Yakko Matamoros
Age: 25-40 (Couples & Singles)

We are a group of committed faithful followers learning the Word wholeheartedly through fellowship and fun. We have group discussions on various life topics, current events, as well as occasional series studies.

Room: 119
Leader: Jessie Spain
Age: Senior Adults

We are a class of Senior Adults who are supportive of each other and welcome new members. Prayer concerns are lifted up each week.

Room: 301
Leaders: Jan Arrington, Steve Little, Amelia Morton
Age: 45 and up

We are a discussion-based class guided by the Bible in Life Study. We are one in the Spirit, and prayer concerns are lifted up each week.

Room: 302
Leaders: Eddie Hays, Claire Hickey, Danny & Bridget Clark
Age: 50 and up

Bible study lessons are presented by the teachers. We encourage class discussion among our members.

Room: 303A
Leader: Gerry Campbell
Age: 18-25

YAM is the college and young adult ministry of Northside. We seek to care for, equip, and disciple college age students with weekly Bible studies during the Sunday School hour. We pray with one another and share life.

Room: 304
Leaders: Winston Truett & Tom Jones
Age: 40-70

We are a class of singles and married couples looking to grow in the Spirit and God's Word. We use the Wesley Adult Bible Study series.

Room: Chapel
Leader: Dean Currie
Age: Couples and singles of all ages

We invite you to join us as we study the scriptures using the Bible as our text. We believe God is changing us and equipping us to change our world for the glory of God. Everyone is welcome. We have all ages - singles and couples.

Leaders: Rowland & Karen Fisher
Age: Late 20s and up

Class is open to late twenties and up, married or single.

Leader: Tom Roolf
Age: 30-50ish married or single

We are a discussion class, focused on applying God's Word to our daily lives. We utilize current events, as well as an occasional book study. We are actively involved in the ministries of the church, and enjoy our opportunities for fellowship. Most of us have children, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Stop by some week and check us out!

Room: 402B
Leader: Mike Nichols
Age: 40-70

We have an in-depth study and discussion using scripture as our text.

Room: 403 Leader: Gavin Richardson Age: 30s - 50s

In Mars Hill you will find a free and open exchange of ideas, yet one that is always motivated by a desire to know God more. Although most members are in their 40's and 50's, we often have folks a bit younger and older. Single, married, and divorced; some with children, some without; liberals, moderates, and conservatives - all find a home in Mars Hill. In class, we pursue a wide variety of curricula and special studies. Come sit in and see what makes Mars Hill special!

Adult Sunday School

Northside’s Adult Sunday School Classes on Sunday morning offer a dynamic opportunity to learn and grow in Christ through study of The Bible.

Children and Youth
Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School at Northside! We believe that teaching Scriptural truths and building relationships are fundamental within the Sunday School experience. Our goal is to equip children and youth with God’s truths so that they can make good choices and be inspired to live out their faith each day. We are committed to helping our students have a thorough knowledge of the Bible while encouraging them to connect its message to their everyday lives.

Rooms: 109-111

Room: 205

Room: 206

Room: 117

Room: 115

Room: 118

Downstairs in Gym
Room: G103

Upstairs in Gym
Junior High Room

Downstairs in GymRoom: G102

Upstairs in Gym
Senior High Room

Meets at 6:45
Room: 301
Leader: One of the Pastors
Age: Men and Women of all ages

Each week the class studies relevant topics to encourage and motivate our relationship with the Lord. Bring a Bible and a pen. For more information call Lisa at 668-3119 or email her at

Meets at 6:45
Room: 302
Leader: Lisa Clements
Age: Women of all ages

Each week the class studies relevant topics to encourage and motivate our relationship with the Lord. Bring a Bible and a pen. For more information call Lisa at 668-3119 or email her at

Meets at 6:45
Room: 303
Age: All ages

Our group is a study/share group for women of all ages. The group reads and studies various Christian books and offers support to one another through prayer. We welcome all who would like to join us.

Meets at 6:45
Leader: Frank Palmer

Men of Armor is a men’s bible study group whose purpose is to reach, connect and strengthen men to lead their families for Christ. Our group is based on Ephesians 6:10-18.  We meet each week to repair and restore our armor to fight the battles that are before us each day.  If you would like more information please contact Frank Palmer at pelt53@gmail or 731-394-0842.

Led by various leaders, throughout the year. Sessions last from 4-13 weeks, depending on the study. Watch the newsletter for course subjects and dates offered.

Wednesday Evening
Bible Studies

Click on the tabs to the left to find out more information on the various Bible Studies and Share Groups that are available on Wednesdays at Northside.​

Weekly Bible Studies

Being a part of one of these studies is a great way to learn what it means to be a follower of Christ as we study scripture together and support each other in a small group setting.

When: Tuesday mornings from 9:00 - 10:00am
Where: Sanctuary at Northside
Leader: Debbie Currie
Age: All ages and denominations

We have 15 minutes of music and prayer before we study God's Word. We love visitors and are always open to anyone, anytime. The group's focus is our desire to know God more and please Him as we learn His ways through His scriptures.
Contact Debbie Currie at 668-4983 for more information.

When: Wednesday mornings at 6:15am
Where: Perkins Restaurant
Leader: Dave Larsen

Men’s group meets every Wednesday morning from 6:15 am at Perkins Restaurant. Contact Dave Larsen for more information at 668-1316.

When: Wednesday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30am
Where: Conference Room at Northside
Leader: One of the Pastors
Age: Women of all ages

The Acts 29 Bible Study Group, led by one of our pastors, is the longest running Bible study at Northside. Women meet for prayer, discussion, and study. We hope you will consider becoming a part of our group. Call the church office at 668-0617 for more information.

When: Thursday mornings from 9:15 - 11:30am Where: Room 302 at Northside Age: Women of all ages

Are you searching for an in-depth, life-changing study of God’s Word? Precept Upon Precept Inductive Bible Study could be just what you have been looking for. PUP Bible studies are designed to teach you how to study God’s Word for yourself. The group's focus is studying the Word inductively, growing in faith, praying for each other, and applying Biblical principles to our lives. It is open to all women from various churches & denominations. For more information contact Denise Matthews at

When: Saturday mornings at7:00am
Where: Room 118 at Northside

The Saturday Morning Men’s Share Group meets every Saturday morning at 7:00 am in Room 118. Contact Mike Nichols at 424-1596 or email at

Each spring and fall Northside begins a 6-10 week small group experience. There are numerous small groups meeting during the day and in the evening, almost every day of the week. These small groups study the same materials - either a study written by our Senior Pastor or a challenging Christian book.

Being a part of one of these studies is a great way to learn what it means to be a follower of Christ as we study scripture together and support each other in a small group setting.

At the beginning of each small group study, individuals can choose to remain in the same small group they have been in or join a different group. To sign up for a small group, contact the church office at 668-0617.