Mitzi Mathenia

Associate Director of Music Ministries

Mitzi Mathenia and her husband, Randy, have been leading the Music Ministry here at Northside Church since 1989, and for the past 30+ years she has had the privilege of using her music to do all the things she told God she would never do – work with teenagers, play in a large church, arrange music, direct handbells…which of course have turned out to be the very things she loves the most about her work here!

As a Collaborative Pianist, she also has the privilege of accompanying the Jackson Choral Society, being on staff for the Music Department at Union University, and working regularly with wonderful musicians all across west Tennessee.

She and Randy have four musical sons; two beautiful, musical daughters-in-law; and two beautiful, musical granddaughters. Her greatest joys come in seeing the countless ways God lets her participate in people’s lives in being both a mom and a musician; her greatest passion is to worship God Almighty; and her greatest desire is to live in such a way that – as Bach signed his music, “Soli Deo Gloria” – people would be able to say, to God alone be the glory.