Glenn Miller

Student Ministries

Glenn started youth ministry as someone who was going to “try it out” for a few months and that was over 30 years ago. He has been blessed to be a part of so many families’ lives over the years in celebration and even the times they walked through tough days together. He is excited to have served long enough now to be the youth minister to kids of students he had served when they were kids.

He grew up in the rural areas of North Texas until he discovered a beautiful young woman from the rural areas of West Tennessee. Barbie and Glenn have raised two beautiful daughters both born in Texas but raised mostly in West Tennessee. They are looking forward soon to the arrival of a grandchild that will be born in Texas but hopefully can be raised close to West Tennessee. There seems to be a theme here!! He is very proud of his girls, his son-in-law, and of all the students that he and Barbie have welcomed into their lives over the years. He says, “They all become like family to us! Grandparents, Parents, Children, Brothers and Sisters through a loving and wonderfully crazy God!!” when talking of the families, youth and children they have served together over the years.

When Glenn is not with family or church family he enjoys fishing, hunting, working out, fishing, relaxing at the river, and then you can also find him fishing. He also enjoys listening to music, barbecuing, and posting pictures of fish and barbecue on social media!! We are blessed to have one of the oldest youth ministry professionals on staff here at Northside Church who has the energy and wit of a Junior Higher, the curiosity of a seeking Sr. Higher, the protective instincts and skills of a Dad, the attention getting voice and commitment of a Coach with the wisdom of a Granddad (Pops)! Drop in and meet Glenn along with the Northside Students Staff and allow them the blessing of walking with you through this wonderful season of life!